Stop Unwanted Facebook Event Updates

Stop Unwanted Facebook Invites Photo credit: Rich Anderson

Oh how I love this! I have to be very honest and say I heard about it from the Princess of Facebook herself, Mari Smith.

You know those people that you know and are friends with on Facebook that continue to invite you to event after event: Chamber events in Idaho, 30th birthday parties for people you have never met, constant invitations to see their band play all over the region…

Have you ever wanted to make it stop? Now you can. Thank you Facebook and Mari!

Block Facebook Events from Certain Users

  • Go to Account (upper right hand of Facebook when you are logged in)
  • Choose Privacy Settings
  • Click on Block Lists (bottom, middle of the page)
  • Go down to Block Event Invites and start entering the names of those friends who can’t tone down the invites

You can also do the same action from your Events page on Facebook. If you click on See All Invites and Respond to an event, you can choose to Remove an Event and a popup comes up asking if you want to block all other invites from this person.

There you go! Totally private, no notifications go on your page and your friend doesn’t get an alert.

Enjoy your quieter Notifications!

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